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About Electronic Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. is an independent inventory stocking distributor of aerospace, military and commercial electronic components.  ESCS is also a quality advocate in the fight to combat counterfeits in the electronic component distribution industry, and promotes adoption of the SAE aerospace standards AS9120 for distributors and AS5553 for manufacturers.

ESCS has always been actively commited to quality and to working with government and industry leaders in the development of best practices for the electronic component supply chain.

Our commitment to our customers is that no components leave our dock without either a proper source pedigree or a professional 3rd party test report for authenticity and/or functionality.

ESCS's credentials include:

AS9120 Certification
ESCS was among the first three companies in the U.S.A. to achieve Aerospace AS9120 certification.  After five increasingly in-depth audits, the company achieved a 100% score in its 2008 full re-assessment audit.

The AS9120 standard flows down the requirements of your AS9100 manufacturer's quality system, giving you the assurances you need that your requirements are being met with the highest quality operations, including special procedures for inventory control, split lot traceability and a stringent vendor management system.

You can easily view our AS9120 certification status and most recent audit results on the OASIS database at www.sae.org/OASIS.

CACP Founding Member
ESCS is a founding member of The U.S. Chamber of Commerce's "Coalition Against Counterfeiting & Piracy" (CACP).  The CACP coordinates high level inter-governmental and industry initiatives to protect all U.S. intellectual property rights.

Mr. Heaphy was an active participant in the CACP 2007 Summit in Washington, DC, representing the electronic component distribution industry.

Government & Industry Association Memberships
ESCS is a member of ERAI, Inc., a privately held global information services organization that monitors, investigates and reports issues that are affecting the global supply chain of electronics.  Since 1995, ERAI has been the industry's primary reporting and investigation service, providing information and risk mitigation solutions to electronics professionals worldwide.  ERAI is comprised of Original Component Manufacturers (OCMs), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Distributors (franchised and independent), Contract Manufacturers (CMs), government agencies and associations serving the industry.

ESCS is also a member of The Government and Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP).

Sponsor of CombatCounterfeits.com Industry Resource Center
ESCS sponsors www.combatcounterfeits.com, an industry resource center dedicated to promoting best practices to reduce the incidence of counterfeit electronic components in the aerospace and military manufacturing supply chain.

CombatCounterfeits.com covers how the battle can be won through quality systems, inspection and testing protocols, industry standards and certifications, and counterfeit reporting.  You can also view the gallery of counterfeit examples, or schedule a risk mitigation workshop.

Sponsor of AS5553.info Industry Resource Center
In addition to sponsoring this website providing information on the aerospace AS9120 standard, ESCS also sponsors www.AS5553.info to provide information and resources on the aerospace AS5553 standard, "Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition."

AS5553.info explains in clear terms how the AS5553 standard provides uniform requirements, practices and methods to help manufacturers mitigate the risk of receiving and installing countefeit electronic parts.

Pioneer of Safe Source Seal Source Validation Program
ESCS's President, Matthew Heaphy III, recognized the need for a validated means of providing sourcing declarations to aerospace and military manufacturing customers of independent electronic component distributors.  As a result, the company developed the Safe Source Seal program, which was officially launched in November, 2008.  Safe Source Seal has been well received by ESCS's customers as well as industry leaders involved in developing standards for best practices to combat counterfeits.  For further information, please visit www.safesourceseal.com.

Our Industry Research
With counterfeiting of electronic components rapidly escalating, there has been a lack of fact-based information available on how aerospace and military manufacturing companies have reacted to the problem.  To address this information gap, ESCS staff conducted interviews with over 90 quality and procurement professionals across a range of companies, from leading prime contractors to smaller contract manufacturers.  The resulting industry assessment was issued in October, 2008, "Awareness and Industry Efforts to Combat Counterfeits in Aerospace & Military Electronic Component Procurement".

Speaking Engagements
As a recognized quality leader among independent distributors and an active advocate of best practices to combat counterfeits, Mr. Heaphy has spoken to various companies and industry groups including Boeing, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, and the Naval Air Systems Command.  He was a keynote speaker at the 2008 Future Aerospace Congress, and most recently was asked to present an overview of the Safe Source Seal program at NASA's Quality Leadership Forum.

If you would like to inquire about a possible speaking engagement, please contact ESCS at the number below.

Free Consultative Services
Mr. Heaphy and the entire staff of Electronic Supply Chain Solutions, Inc., are pleased to assist companies wishing to develop specific risk mitigation strategies to combat counterfeits.  ESCS can quickly take you through a "checklist" of risk factors, look at your company's strengths and potential weaknesses and recommend appropriate steps to help secure your supply chain, while maintaining maximum flexibility to meet your program objectives.

Give us a call to speak with our president, Matthew Heaphy III, or any one of our qualified staff.  All of us at ESCS stand ready to assist you in achieving your risk mitigation objectives.

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